Quality: Control the Process – Secure the business


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process control_Feb15

If you are buyer, secure that you have agreed a process control scheme with your supplier that can be verified in every batch being produced.

If you are a production manager bring the buyer into the agreement on a Process Control Scheme to secure quality and your profitability.

As per my previous articles, this is part of a Good Business Growth. A process control scheme need not only be for a factory. The principles as described by baking bread can be applied in any type of business, its all the same – control the input, control the process and the output will be secured.

Below is a flow chart I devised a few years back to describe how a Process Control Scheme can be devised for the buyer and supplier of any process, whether its a product or a service.

In the process, the control scheme can be as simple or detailed as required. Sometimes it requires only one control point to determine that a process is under control and producing the expected results. The important part and probably most difficult is as per the above flow chart – finding the control points and everybody agreeing. The method of reporting and controlling can then be a simple yes/no (poke yoke devices) or a full statistical process control implementation with machine or manual record maintenance.

With a process control quality system; the virtuous circle of quality, availability, price and ethical compliance are assured for Good Business Growth – its all connected.

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