Our Business Strategy – Good Business Growth

RVAPic 1

Robert Vernon Associates Strategy: GOOD Business Growth

A Management Consultancy, training and development provider in Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Experienced Quality, that is aligned to a business advantage – helping to secure Good Business Growth for our clients.

The Business Virtuous Circle and the application of the Quality Social and Environmental Business Advantage shall be the cornerstones of Robert Vernon Associates and Good Business Growth; guiding all plans, implementations and client service agreements for:

  • Customized training programmes.
  • Support and guidance in design, source, production and supply chain management.
  • Management support in production and logistic operations on the shop floor.
  • Working with the Key Performance Indicators of:
    • Improved Availability of the product/service
    • Cost Efficiency
    • High levels of understanding on Customer Experienced Product Quality
    • Company Compliance in Legal and Ethical standards performance

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