Training Course Providers – Practical, activity based and fun


shutterstock_96175697 - CopyRVA Trainers  have over 50 years combined experience working with global retailers and suppliers  operating across the Far East and Europe. Work with them through our series of training courses exploring ways to improve performance and minimise risk in the fast developing and ever demanding world-supply market. These courses are highly activity-based, learning in a fun, informative and interesting way. We have just recently added to list Cost Down, an activity to reduce costs and not profit..

See the list of our training courses below..

The Current Programme of Training Courses Offered by Robert Vernon Associates:

1. PRAS: Risk Management

2. CEPQ: Customer Experienced Product Quality

3.  CofC: Code of Conduct Management

4. Good Business Growth: 1 Day Senior Management course.

5. Good Business Growth: 2 day Training Course Autumn_Winter 14

6. One Day on Cost Down activity_CDP

Please contact us below for training dates, locations and costs..


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