Introduction to GOOD Business Growth

The business requirements of compliance and brand protection in Quality, Social and GBG Wipeboard2Environmental assurance are now very well understood in the business community.

However, the implementation and application in organisations are very often within silos of function and outside the daily commercial operations of sourcing, buying, production and supply chain management.  This has led to separate management and team structures for Quality, Social and Environment. They could then have their own goals and targets which are usually measured (possibly contributing to sub optimization) through operational audits, completion of checklists and installation of management programmes, methods and development tools. While these have brought some benefits, many businesses have not fully aligned and joined up their QSE within the company. Commercial, technical and supply chain activities should all be working to the same goals to achieve a more efficient and effective operation in the 4 key areas of Good Business Growth:

  • Quality Assured products
  • Socially and Environmentally Assured Production and Supply Chain
  • Good product Availability at the point of sale
  • Competitive product Price for the customer

Robert Vernon Associates are focused on helping business to achieve Good Business Growth through commercial/technical training and development, with very practical applications in the supply chain; securing the requirements of good products, safe production and point of sale availability at a competitive price. GOOD Business Growth for the client, the community and the customer.





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