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Democratic Design_aIt starts with designing a great product at a low price. There is skill in designing an architect’s chair for 4000 dollars, but the greater skill is in designing a chair of fantastic form and function for 40 dollars!!

Democratic Design is all about giving the majority of us in the Developed world a great quality product at a low price. Good form and function should not only be for the rich.

In the Developing world Democratic Design is about using the right sustainable materials and production techniques that secures good working conditions, wages and environmental security.

The drivers to secure democratic design are:

Design: Adapted to high volume and efficient production with innovative design – aiming to achieve a low priced product.

Raw Materials: Choosing the right materials and processing techniques to secure a sustainable and low cost supply.

Production: Safe and compliant working conditions with no danger to the environment. An efficient and effective factory.

Quality: Conforms to the requirements and specifications.

Installation: Good final assembly and installation techniques at the product’s point of use – a vital step in the design process.

It is not an easy path to take. Its about achieving a balance in the above drivers. It’s not always evident in cheap brands and is never apparent in the exclusive high price designer products. The big name fashion designers are celebrated on the cat walks and in glossy magazines, but the real heroes of design are those that can achieve Democratic Design.

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