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The Articles...

Robert Vernon Associates have over the last few months published a series of Good Business Growth articles on Linked In. They were produced to secure the wider distribution of the concept; provide specific details and generate ideas and understanding for readers.

There are currently 12 articles, with more to come. The original writing focus was  for was International Sourcing/Supply Chain aiming to explain Good Business Growth. However, within the series, the articles can stand on their own for management, leadership and business operational understanding in:

  • Customer behaviour and expectations
  • Business ethical and code of conduct issues and management
  • Communication: Presentation and simplification of information
  • The Process: from Design to Execution

posts Nov 2014

These publications are concise and to the point, allowing them to be individually useful or part of a total explanation and  gateway to more detailed information..

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any specific topics raised in the articles or the total concept of Good Business Growth..

Mark K. Astley