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We are big fans of Simon Sinek’s ‘The Golden Circle’ of Human Motivation. A simple concept on how companies and leaders shall inspire their workforce and their customers.

Golden CircleAll companies know WHAT they have to do – sell a product or provide a service. Most companies will know HOW to do this, through their operating procedures, directives or systems. Not a lot of companies know WHY they do what they do.. Why do they exist, how do they justify their existence? Its not for profit as Sinek’s says, because profit is a result not a why!

From a company where RVA has had a lot of experience with, the Golden Circle can be applied. shutterstock_189696824

The IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people.’

This is a company that works from the inside to the out. Their values and justification to exist are deeply inscribed in the why. With their vision they inspire customers to have fabulous looking homes filled with affordable well designed/quality products, made and supplied by people who care. This vision then inspires their co-workers to do great things in the store, in the warehouse and at the factory. The many people include the factory operators as well as the customers.

Companies regardless of their size and industry inspire from the inside of the circle to the out – their customers buy Why they do not the What they do. Apple Inc prove this – they are not the cheapest on the market and they are not the most innovative but their vision about doing things differently and challenging the status quo is an inspiring message. MP3 players, tablets and smartphones existed on the shop shelves before Apple delivered their products, but it was Apple that created the markets for these devices – they inspired us to buy and use..

At  Robert Vernon Associates; we recently looked at our offer and compared it against Sinek’s Golden Circle..

Mark K.