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Linkedein Circle ed1Securing a competitive offer is getting tougher!

The basis to achieve and a have successful competitive offer are the 4 parts of Good Business Growth:

  • Securing the product to specification – Quality.
  • Delivery on time in the most cost efficient way – Availability.
  • Socially and Environmentally assured – Code of Conduct compliant.
  • A Low Price with a meaning – a functioning, well designed, guilt free product that is available on the shelf for the customer to buy.

All the above are integral – they are linked; if one goes down then the business is at jeopardy and if the buyer/vendor’s are not careful they can quickly go into a vicious circle. However, at the same time if one of the 4 parts performs to a higher level then it will in turn help bring the rest of the business to a level of continuous improvement – a virtuous circle.

From the design, merchandising, production, and compliance teams through to the logistic operations they all need to be aligned. If they work, plan and KPI separately in the above, they will create a vicious circle. Avoid this through the application of Good Business Growth and create a Virtuous Circle.

Mark K.Astley