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Håkan Nordkvist Head of Sustainability innovation – IKEA group

I have had the great pleasure to work together with Mark Astley for many years. Mark is the type of person that leads processes, tasks, people and moving forward towards a result. He is doing this in a sensible way where everybody feels involved and engaged and at the same time very focused on the end result. During the years Mark has been instrumental in different development and innovation projects in IKEA, he was a main contributor to the development of the IKEA code of conduct for purchasing home furnishing products, IWAY, he introduced many concepts over the years such as industrial leasing programme, the IKEA Credo and the quality assurance programme 4SIP.

Mark is an innovative, warm and humoristic person with high integrity. He is good with people and it is easy for him to get people involved and engaged and it he makes it easy for the people to follow him. Mark has my highest respect and strongest recommendations.

Ronny Karlsson
IKEA of Sweden AB, Manager Quality Improvement Group
I worked with Mark quite closely within 8 years and I have a high respect for his competence. Mark is a very inspired and excellent trainer and he have a very deep knowledge about Quality and Environment systems. Mark understands the supply chain, supplier conditions and has a good knowledge in different materials.
Iftikhar Hyder
Business Development Manager at Lemon Tree Inc. Pakistan

I found Mark a genuine person , critical in his way of working who would always strive for a job well done. Practical knowledge and a team player. I always found him around when you need him

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