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Finding the right tools

Key Performance Indicators drive everything in today’s business. Very often though, there are too many and they can sometimes damage the operation of a company through incorrect application and/or sub optimisation by individuals and teams.

KPI’s should be based on the right selection of business tools, techniques and methods.. For Good Business Growth the 4 Key Areas of managing and measuring the supply chain are:

  • Availability: Production/logistics planning – Select the best techniques to plan and secure factory/supply chain capacity and capability?
  • Quality: Select the best tools to minimise the risks in product design and production. Then decide on the best process control method to reduce quality control at final delivery.
  • Social and Environmental Compliance: Find the best methodology to secure 365 days of operation rather than 2-3 days of a compliance audits.
  • Price Development: Agree the tools, techniques and methods to work with the Vendors, rather than negotiating with them.

Find the right tools, techniques and methods in the above areas, then the right KPI’s will follow.. They should be simple, transparent, continually reviewed and maintained with your supply chain team and vendors. Please contact us if we can help your organisations to achieve this..

Mark K.Astley