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Foreign aid does an enormous amount for the world’s poor, but many times when projects end, the recipients of aid can still remain poor. With Robert Vernon Associates background and experience working in developing countries, we can provide valuable support for government and NGO programmes using the following principles of a Buyer Led Approach in International Development:

  1. Buying organizations should be recognized as central figures linking local suppliers in the developing world with global market demand.
  2. This can then shift the focus of Development Projects to being a response to market opportunities.
  3. Instead of Development Projects seeking their own Key Performance Indicators, we would work to emphasize and secure a developing business units success, aligning it to the needs and security of its community stakeholders.

Using the concept and tools of Good Business Growth, Robert Vernon Associates provide an international development service that focus on production activities/ value chain management in developing countries; from the urban factory operation, down to the micro level of rural production units – benefiting the Suppliers, their Community and the Buyer.